My Experience In Writing

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Learning and discovering new things are all a continuous process in life. This process is complex, one that entails a periodic uncovering and enhancement of character, capabilities, and a drive to satiate desires to learn all kinds of knowledge. During the different stages of life, the process continues and knowledge is gained. As we gain and understand the skills necessary for learning, we tend to use that to our advantage and apply what we know in order to gain favorable outcomes, furthering our understanding of the subject matter. The process of learning in life is a close and excellent resemblance to the art of writing. As the saying goes, “It is not the destination that matters, but the journey.” Throughout my experience in writing, I’ve learned that the process is substantial; every key point in my life had served crucial in shaping me into a “better” writer. As I encountered both great outcomes and mistakes throughout, I was able to understand that it was all a process of development and each experience served as the key instruments to enhancing a more improved version of my “writer-self.” From my early childhood to my post-secondary education, writing continues to evolve through a learning process that involves acquiring and utilizing new skills from past experiences, essential to my development as a writer. The start of my writing journey began as early as I can recall, my early childhood. I remember the commencement of primary school, a memory deeply embedded in
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