My Experience: My Journey To Save My Life

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Have you ever had a teacher that made you get into an awkward situation? Have you ever thought about how watching your surroundings can save your life? Well if you can answer or agree to any of those to questions then you can probably relate to my story. Every morning would also start off bad. The reason for that is because I would have to get on the loud yellow noisy bus. I had an older brother that went to school with me but I was in the afternoon kindergarten which is only half day, which meant I couldn 't ride the bus with him in the mornings and that terrified me. I would cry every morning because I didn 't want to ride the bus, but luckily I also rode the bus with my best friend at the time named Greta. Greta and I also had the same kindergarten teacher so we would always be together. We would always sit together on the bus and we would just talk and I guess that calmed me down. My fear for the bus only lasted like maybe two weeks but during those two weeks was when another fear about the bus had to occur. It was one of those mornings. Waking up by my mom coming into my room saying “time to get up. and also what do you want for breakfast”. Eventually, I would get up and start changing my clothes. I would then come running downstairs faster than a lighting bolt, then sit at the table and start eating my breakfast while my mom did my hair. I really enjoyed the mornings when I got ready and talked to my mom but then it was that time that I hated and drenched the

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