The Importance Of Being In High School

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High school was supposed to be a magical time at least that 's what everyone told me. High school is where you meet you best friends and spend the rest of your life with them it 's where your suppose to make your mistakes because you 're so young it doesn 't really count. For me high school was a little different, it was more about worrying about the future and all that could go wrong then just living in the now and that is something a wish I could change, I would have just done the best I could and not worry so much, but being in high school you are going to worry just don 't let it overwhelm you. I had a set of friends like I assume everyone else had, three to be exact they were nice and kind people I could really go to In an instant with anything. One friend beat all of them though she was my best friend Skylar. We meet in 6th grade we didn 't become friends until we both moved schools in 7th grade we clicked instantly. When high school came around the corner we weren 't talking I had another friend I hung out with she…show more content…
It was very overwhelming at first but after while it was like any other day nothing overwhelming or special about it at all. 9th grade is much easier than the rest of high school so take the time to appreciate the small victories before it gets hard. 10th grade was my greatest year it was the time I stood up for myself and become a different person it was the time I joined all the groups and activities the school had to offer I was in just about everything there was to be in which is my best achievement in high school. As a sophomore you should focus more on the aspect of what 's in front of you then what 's in the future. When I was in 10th grade I made it harder than it should have been for me I didn 't go every day as I should have, I did get my friends back though and even made new
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