My Experience Of A Christmas Caroling

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Christmas Caroling is a tradition here in the Philippines during December where some group of kids or adults go house to house as they serenade. In return, you should give them either money or food. Last December 3, 2016, our life group decided to have a Christmas Caroling not to go house to house but to the families who are living in the street. And our purpose is to serenade them and give groceries as a Christmas gift. The three of us, Sis Loraine, Sis Lorna and I, bravely serenade in the street at around 8:00 in the evening. We found a taxi driver who is kind enough to drive us until we finish our serenade to six families in a different place along West and Mindanao Avenue.
After a week, I return and visit one of the couples, Ate Hazel and Kuya Jear. Ate Hazel and her husband live in a pushcart for more than 3 years now. Whenever I dropped by to their place, I always make sure that I have food to give them. In my curiosity, I asked Ate (called as an older woman), where you go for a toilet? Where you sleep if it rains? She said we go to a nearby gasoline station to use their toilet. If it rains we will go inside our pushcart, or find a place where there is a shade but if there is no rain, we slept on the floor with the flatten box.
Their source of income is to gather trash, you can hear them saying kalakal means finding goods, they sort scratch papers by setting apart the white and colored because of white paper is more useful, and plastic bottles; then they will

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