Personal Narrative: A Christmas Caroling

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Christmas Caroling is a tradition here in the Philippines during December where some group of kids or adults go house to house as they serenade. In return, you should give them either money or food. Last December 3, 2016, our life group decided to have a Christmas Caroling not to go house to house but to the families who are living in the street. And our purpose is to serenade them and give groceries as a Christmas gift. The three of us, Sis Loraine, Sis Lorna and I, bravely serenade in the street at around 8:00 in the evening. We found a taxi driver who is kind enough to drive us until we finish our serenade to six families in a different place along West and Mindanao Avenue.
After a week, I return and visit one of the couples, Ate Hazel and Kuya Jear. Ate Hazel and her husband live in a pushcart
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I came home crying with my foot full of blood and the wound left a scar. The scar imprint a memory that once in my lifetime I was part of the homeless living in poverty.
According to study, posted by on its website, United Nations Commission on Human Rights reported a statistics, that there are 100 million homeless people worldwide. And Metro Manila has the world’s highest homeless population.
The Philippine government report that there are 1.2 million children who live either by peddling or begging on the streets; 70,000 of which come from Metro Manila and Informal settlers are included in the homeless.
Homelessness can be caused by unemployment, family and relationship breakdown, domestic violence, lack of affordable housing, poverty, physical and/or sexual abuse, poor physical or mental health, gambling and drug or alcohol abuse.

Ate Hazel carried within her an immense burden of personal pain. I saw the effect of it in her life and her relationships with her family. Her story is not just a story to tell, there is an immense
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