My Experience Of A Teacher In High School

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High school students often found it difficult to view their teachers as anything but their enemies. However, after ages and ages, when I started to find the footprints that I had left on the trail, various emotions came to my mind immediately, Charles Dickens once said that “This was the best of times; this is the worst of times.” For me, the life in high school was just like morning and night, sometimes, when I reached my goals, I would feel that my world was shining and sparkling, yet, other times was just dark and dim. I laughed and cried for my success and failure. And my two respectful Chinese teachers in high school also laughed and cried for my success and failure. I really appreciate their teaching, although I appreciate that in different ways. Mrs. Zhang was greatly tough, while Mr. Van was kind of like a jar of honey.
Although Mrs. Zhang and Mr. Van were both admired teachers at my school, their teaching styles were totally different. Mrs. Zhang always pushed us to remember the definitions of ancient Chinese words correctly, and also, when we were going to write a lot of articles, she told us some methods to make them perfect. Firstly, we had to memorize some brilliant and marvelous literatures as hard as we could in order to make our pieces more vivid and rich. Secondly, in order to make them colorful and vibrant, we had to try our best to put splendid words in our works, but be careful to make them garish and gaudy, always remembered that you had to write them

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