My Experience Of An Successful Experience In My High School

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The high school that I was in gave me an interesting experience. I was able to learn and experience different lessons with in my high school. Three of those life lessons that I went through are when my school was placed on lockdown, another experience is a club that I joined which helped really mature. Finally the other experience I faced in high school was that some of my friends that I had wanted me to join them in some bad situations but I kept myself out of those situations. The first interesting experience I faced with in my high school is when my high school was placed on lockdown in my freshman which put things into a good prospective by letting me see how bad the world can be. The very first time I had had experience with a school being put on lockdown was in my freshman year the lockdown happened because of a shootout that was going on near the school between the police and some other people to be a hundred percent truthful it was indeed kind of scary for me due to the fact I thought I saw my life flash before my eyes. The second time I had to experience a school lockdown was also in my freshman year of high school, this time the problem was within the school its self the school safety and the real police came into the building searching for someone. The school had all the classroom doors, and windows were closed, they even had all the window shades pulled down and single student away from the doors and windows. The third experience I had with this situation

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