My Experience Of Bowling

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Bowling has always been competitive for me. Whenever I would play with my friends or family I would always try to play my best, and that competition kept bowling interesting for me. After bowling for a while, my mom signed me up for an Etihad Airways Bowling Tournament. From the moment I walked in, I felt I was out of my league. Most of them walked in with their own equipment and looked like they had been playing for years. That didn’t stop me from playing though. I felt this would be a great learning experience and I knew the only way I could get better was by playing with people who were better than I was. Despite having a slim chance of victory, I played my best as to not drag my team down. This experience taught me that even if the odds are stacked against me you should always try your best. You never know what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it.

Towards the end of the series and after talking with some of the people there, I was convinced that having your own ball would have a significant impact on your game. I decided to follow that tip and bought my own bowling ball a couple of weeks after the tournament. I started to go bowling every week after buying the ball, and with enough practice I learnt how to use the ball to my advantage. This changed bowling for me, and my average was never the same. By buying a bowling ball and following the tips of my teammates, I was able to improve my game beyond what I thought was possible. I learnt that I should never
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