My Experience Of Friendship

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It was Bryce’s seventh grade birthday party and Bryces mom was making me, David, Bryce and the other five kids go to bed. It was only ten o 'clock, and thanks to all the mountain dew and pizza we had earlier, none of us were even tired. After a long struggle, Bryces mom got all of us in the basement, turned off the lights and told everyone to go to bed. I was sitting there and then since I figured she was gone I said, “Hey guys, I think she 's gone.” But then, Bryce’s mom replied, “No, she 's not,” and we all laughed and that just made us all more hyper. This is one of the first moments that David, Bryce and I were friends and we still talk about that moment to this day. Our friendship has helped me become more mature as I got older and become more talkative. My friendship with David and Bryce is a really good friendship because we have never had any fights about anything and have a lot in common so there is always something to talk about. We always act pretty goofy around each other, we pull pranks on each other all the time when we are all hanging out. Our friendship is important because we all know that if one of us is going through something difficult or are mad at parents or whoever, we always have eachothers back no matter what. The three of us have been friends since seventh grade but we became friends at different times. I became friends with David in fourth grade, mostly because we played on the same RYAA baseball team that year and even though we didn 't hang
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