My Experience Of Law: My Legal Experience In Law

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Law is so famous for being a dry rigid subject, it never comes to life except through practice. Although I do not completely agree with this statement, gaining an experience in law is so crucial to understand the core of it. Moreover, this experience usually shape our legal and professional interests and direct us to make the right choice. I have gained more than a year of experience at several law firms and this experience has crafted my professional goals and purposes. My legal experience has started since my first summer during college. As I have received a summer internship at Hamdy & Shebl Law Firm where I conducted many researches in civil, commercial, employment, and criminal law matters. This was my first practical exposure to Law. In my second year, we had a college assignment to do a presentation about “Consideration under English Contracts”. During the presentation, I received the praise of my professor; one of the renowned arbitrators and professors in the world. Consequently, to reveal his admiration even more, he has offered me a training placement at Zulficar & Partners Law firm. Taking into account my cleverness, he assigned me to do a research in one of the most complex topics in finance; a comparative study covering 7 countries spanning all continents about conflict of law issues under Public Private Partnerships. This research has pushed me to my limits to gain some experience in researching. A year later, I received a summer

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