My Experience With Leadership

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There are many things that we can learn if we are a leader since leadership like education is also a continuing process of developing oneself, what I like best in practicing leadership is the ability to handle people because a leader is responsible for the welfare and development of his people and always accountable for every decisions made. Actually, in a short period of time that I handle people is a great achievement and memorable experience, handling people is not an easy duty. With this experience I honed my communication skills, how to interact with people, how to talk and listen to comments and suggestions of people and most of all how to weigh in the ideas in order to come up with the right decision. My experience in leadership has…show more content…
I have some findings why all of these had happened, first I believe that the fund was misused, 100% fund allocation for the program was not being utilized solely for the purpose, it is very sad to say that an estimated 60-70% of it goes to the project and 20%-30% were now in the pocket of the people with good hand, second is the attitude of the people handling the project, the maintenance and protection activities like foot patrolling and monitoring have been set outside of their priorities because they said there is no budget for it, come to think of it, where is the 20-30% fund?. The budget for this purpose is already stolen, if not have…show more content…
Being new in this field, I can say that the job is not really hard if we know how to communicate properly with the concerned institutions, but then I observed that most of the employees in the field offices are unassertive, they are the typical employees who are just doing their jobs for the compensations and not to serve the public with utmost responsibility and integrity. They have eaten by the wrong mind set and system of the past administrations in the public service and still living with it until now. Some of them are due for retirement and there are newly entrants who happened to be their successors. Seeing all of these, like passing the corruption system with the fresh blood in the bureaucracy does not end the problem of the society and these are just some of my observations, there are more other kinds of corruption being happened in the government offices. Worst of it, I am not in the proper position and I did not hold the authority to suppress the wrongdoings of my colleagues, and it is very depressing to know that until now, I don’t know how can I resolve the issues or slightly minimize the occurrence of corruption. The programs and projects of every administration are good as a dream, and until the vision for a clean and
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