My Experience Of My Dance Experience

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My dance experience trails back to when I was a freshman in high school, getting involved in some classes at my local dance studio. Immediately, I fell in love with this art form and knew I wanted to carry it with me beyond high school. I began dancing as a dance major at Mesa College in Fall 2017. While I am only just beginning to delve into my second semester, I can already say that I have expanded my knowledge of dance and dance technique at Mesa. In my dance classes, I have been able to improve upon my body placement and proper alignment. With the help of my instructors, I am able to work towards improving elements I have always struggled with, such as balance. Even outside of class, like auditioning for Mesa 's dance concert, I have found that the structure and organization of these auditions has helped prepare me for audition processes in the real world. Picking up and retaining choreography quickly is something I tend to struggle with, but these auditions give me the practice necessary to perform to my greatest ability and figure out methods to be on top of my game. Dance is like therapy to me, and after a long day of work or other classes, it feels comforting to have my dance classes as an outlet to express myself and exert my energy into something positive. On that same note, I have felt overwhelming support from my dance instructors at Mesa. There are times where I 've felt alone as a dance major, especially coming to college for the first time and realizing that
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