My Experience Of My Life

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“I can 't breathe, I can’t breathe,” wheezing between the words I screamed for help as loud as I my body allowed me to. While it felt as if my lungs were nonexistent and an elephant was standing on my chest. I glanced at my mom fearfully as she arrived. I had no sense of what was happening. As she picked me up and shot to the door, I began thinking how my life would change. The night before first grade I became drowsy, and fell asleep before 8:00 p.m. already dreaming of the day I have long awaited for. I awakened to the strong smell of crispy bacon, and french toast still being baked. Laying upon my bed encompassed in layers of blankets. As I walk out my room, I pick up my pace into a jog and a skip down the hallway as I feel the cold hardwood below my feet as I entered the kitchen. To witness my mom layering a plate with bacon, french toast, and hash browns as my mouth watered with temptation. After she arranged the plate, I snatched a large glass of cold chocolate milk to construct an even more exceptional meal. Eventually, I devoured my meal that filled my stomach to the brim. Contemplating, I decided to inspect my bag. I then scattered my coordinated bag onto the floor and briskly sorted through large amounts of school supplies. Finally, I finished packing my red Spiderman backpack, there were no more tasks to be completed. Then I started becoming anxious and had no clues of what to do. In the moment I launched into a dead sprint back through the kitchen, past my open

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