My Experience Of My Worldviews

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I have learned and explored quite a lot about my worldview in the past couple weeks. I have been challenged to think about my worldview and try to understand it. I think my worldview is based on my past experiences in life and my faith. The Sire texted was useful to help understand how we get our own worldviews. I also have some strong opinions on the question “how do you know for sure?” All of these piece just combine with others to form my worldview. To start off, I am thankful that I have been challenged to think more about why I believe what I believe. I have been challenged in to whether or not what I believe is valid to believe in. What do I really believe and is it good or bad, is a question I have been asked on. I have begun to realize that maybe what I believe is not the best. I mean that because, as a stubborn boy at times, I do not want to change what I believe or how I believe. I have slowly changed that stubbornness and understood that some things require change. Change in my worldview has allowed me to understand more of what is going on in this ever changing world. What I think my worldview is one that is based on my many different experiences in my life and my faith. With the help of the book, Why Should Anyone Believe Anything at all by James Sire. It helped me understand what helped created my worldview. My different experiences in how I was raised. I was a quiet kid who really just sat down and listened most of the time and accepted what was told me.
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