My Experience With Failure Research Paper

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I had many experiences with failure in my life. One of the failures had changed everything in my life was the time that I failed on the SAT. I remember it was two years ago when I decided to come back to school. I didn’t graduate from high school in U.S, so I had to take a SAT if I want to go to college. I went to school to study English for one year and prepare for the test. After one year I was ready to take the test. It was not like what I imagined, the test was harder than I thought, and I realize that my knowledge was not ready for the college. I was so disappointed, and I want to give up. After the test, I know that I have to try harder if I want to go to college. My mom always told me that ““Everyone makes mistakes and we all learn something about our mistake.” I tried to learn more vocabulary and look for the way to improve my English skills. I push myself to study more and more. Day by day I kept thinking “why do I want to come back school.” I used to hate school so much, but since I move to U.S, I know that education is the only way can help me have a better life, good career, and make my dream come true. I moved to the United States when I was 19 years old. In 19 years I had never work but study. After I live in U.S, I have to go to work at nails salon to help my parents. I never thought that I have to work that hard. People have to work…show more content…
Six months after I failed the test I decided to take the test again, and I passed the test. I was so happy and proud of myself. I proud because I didn’t give up but kept going. I have learned many things from that experience. I know that the experience of failure can help our later consequence. We need to learn the lesson from our mistake to make ourselves mature. People can’t help us success except ourselves, and if we want to success, we have to do our best and study
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