College Experience Essay

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Cydney Jack

I interviewed my mom on her college experience I asked her multiple questions being that she knows a lot about college life. I started with asking her about her experience. Did you experience anything that turned your life around and push you to want to go to college? , my mom then replied she always wanted to be successful and her parents instilled in her that college was a necessity to get their. Was visiting colleges and researching them help you make you make your decision to go or did that make it worse ? It helped , at the time my parents didn 't have any money at the time to send me away and I didn 't get any scholarships , it also taught me the process how to apply etc.

I then
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This interview gave me a new mindset because it showed me although things might be hard anyone can do it even while working and going to school. I also want to attend college to get more knowledge in the field I want to go in. I want to become an actress and I know going to college will teach me a lot. A lot of things influence me to want to go to college, one of the things is my friend Zion passing away and I know how much she wanted to go away so I wanna be able to accomplish that for her , also because I 've always wanted to get away from New York and wherever I decide to go to college is where I want to start my life. College Is important to me because if I don 't get to where I want with my acting career I know I 'm going to need a college degree to get a decent job. I know that by going to college it 's going to develop a different mindset for me moving forward I 'm going to find out stuff about myself that I didn 't know. Its also gonna allow me to find out stuff about life that I didn 't know. Going to college teaches you responsibility and independence and I 'm using my mom and zion as my motivation to continue and go to college. My mom 's biggest dream is seeing her daughter & son be successful in life and she believes that starts with an education. Zion wanted
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