My Experiences Of A College Experience

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Cydney Jack MS. MILLINER Ees21qh-02 9/26/16 I interviewed my mom on her college experience I asked her multiple questions being that she knows a lot about college life. I started with asking her about her experience. Did you experience anything that turned your life around and push you to want to go to college? , my mom then replied she always wanted to be successful and her parents instilled in her that college was a necessity to get their. Was visiting colleges and researching them help you make you make your decision to go or did that make it worse ? It helped , at the time my parents didn 't have any money at the time to send me away and I didn 't get any scholarships , it also taught me the process how to apply etc. I then continued to ask her , did you have support behind you enough to make you push forward in going ? I had support of going to a local college but not support to go away because we couldn 't afford it but everyone in my family pushed me and believed education is key. What did you use as your motivation ? My mom replied “my sister was a nurse and 5 of my aunts were nurses. Watching her taking care of people motivated me to want to become a nurse seeing how much she cared for her patients really touched me . Did you enjoy your high school years enough to want to go to college ? yes because i went to a nursing high school which prepared me for what i wanted to do , I graduated as a lpn. Were you able to keep up with your studying
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