Lessons Learned From My Mistakes

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Everyone has had a failure in their life, you can’t say that you haven’t. Sometimes they are really small fails, or they can be some really big fails. Maybe, you fell down a flight of stairs as a kid, or maybe you failed a very important test in college. You always learn from your lessons, so that you don’t make the mistake again. Well, my mistake is being stupid on an electric scooter, I didn’t even have the scooter for 24 hours and I had already crashed it. Let me tell you about it. It was three years ago during the summer, I had some money that I could spend and I had been looking at getting an electric scooter for while. A lot of my friends had one they all told me that I should get one, so eventually I saved up enough money and my parents…show more content…
At this point I started to feel like I was getting more and more comfortable with riding the scooter. I tried doing some tricks like riding with one leg, or with one hand off of the handlebar. My friends had their scooters for a while now and so they were doing some cool stuff. One trick I did was where I would try to sit down on the scooter and still have my hand up top on the handlebars. Once I finally sat on the bottom I was just riding easy and I thought it was awesome, then, the back wheel started to fishtail and I lost control of the scooter and I fell off the side of the scooter and my ankle bent sideways and I immediately knew that I had just broke it. I was lying on the ground crying because of the pain, I tried to get up and walk but I couldn’t. My friend had to go get my parents so that they could carry me back to the house, and then put me in the car and take me to the ER. At the ER we got an xray on it, the doctor said that I had broken both of my growth plates, tore a little bit of my ligament and sprained my ankle, it was very bad. I had also sprained my wrist, when I tried to catch myself from hitting the ground, and I had road rash. It was only two days after the accident that my family and I had to fly out to Las Vegas to go for vacation. The timing of all of this happening wasn’t the best. We could not put a cast on because of the flight coming up and the trip we had, the doctor said It would have been very uncomfortable having the cast on the flight with a newly broken bone. So, instead I just wore a boot, which was good enough because it had the support I needed. After the trip, the doctor put on a cast immediately, and he said it would take around 2 months for everything to
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