My Failure Of Eleanor Roosevelt High School

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As a 17 year old, my view of failure is when I fall below my family’s expectations in my academic endeavors. I have not had many failures that have crippled me, but I have had a few failures that have caused detours in my path to be in pharmaceuticals and in epidemiology. J. K. Rowling says that “it is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all.” She is saying that life comes with failure, which gives you experiences to move on and continue living. I have absolutely no plans to live cautiously; I want to gain these life experiences from my failures. Although failure seems dreadful, it is necessary for learning to take place. Whether failing in school or sports, our…show more content…
I had dreamed about my acceptance into Roosevelt since I was in elementary school and I believed that the school would set me on a path towards a career in a STEM program. I had not yet decided on which career. When Roosevelt denied me acceptance into their program, I had failed my family and personal academic goals. I was extremely crushed and felt my academic life had been hindered by this failure. This was the biggest failure of my life, I had planned my entire high school career around Roosevelt High School, and my chances have gone. This failure had caused me to beat myself, I felt that I did not put in strenuous effort and I was not extreme intelligent enough for acceptance into that school. My mother also expressed her disappointment in me for not acquiring entry into the program. In her eyes, I did not study enough or push myself enough for acceptance into the program. For months my mom would constantly remind me of what I should have been doing to gain acceptance into the program, in result I felt

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