Audrey Ruston

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Audrey Kathleen van Heemstra Ruston came into the world on May 4, 1929 in Brussels, Belgium. She was born to Ella and Joseph. Audrey always dreamed of being a ballerina and worked hard for what she wanted. Her father, an English-Irish banker, deserted her family at 8 years old. Her mother, a Dutch baroness, had sent the young girl to the Germanic nation at the beginning of War World II to live with relatives. But soon after that Audrey and her relatives had to go into hiding, she survived the war but Audrey did not get enough nutrients in the time she needed it most, since she hiding for a good part of her childhood and didn't have the resources. It left her malnourished and naturally anorexic her entire life, never reaching over 88 pounds. She reunited with her mom, and had two new step brothers and a stepfather. They moved to London where Audrey studied as a ballerina, as much as she loved to dance she simply could not continue because of her body shape, she…show more content…
Audrey Won 2 Academy awards one before (Roman Holiday) and one after her death (Humanitarian Award.) She also accomplished 3 golden globe awards, Got an Oscar for her performance in Ondine. and both and Oscar and golden globe for her performance in Roman Holiday. Movies was not the only thing Audrey won awards for, Hepburn was named the goodwill ambassador for the international children's relief organization UNICEF in 1988. Instead of using the title for travel privileges and charity balls, Hepburn worked in the field, nursing sick children and reporting on the suffering she witnessed. Her last trip was most inspirational; Hepburn had traveled to Somalia in the fall of 1992, and her sad, but hopeful account galvanized the world's response to the dreadful famine and warfare that would eventually kill thousands in that West African country. Earining her her and most valued awards, The presidential medal of
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