Of Gods And Men Film Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…In this movie there are monks living in Palestine who have to deal with people in their community in poverty and terrorist attacks on a daily basis. The monks could easily flee this situation and look to help others in a different location but they choose to stay and help their community even though it’s putting their lives in great danger. Faith is also portrayed as helping and not asking for anything in return, the monks in this film do not receive anything for helping these at risk people they help for the sake of helping. This is what God calls us to do just as Jesus helped until his death these monks have devoted their lives to helping others without asking for things in return which is what our faith as catholics and christians call us to do. As men of faith we are called to help others in need, in the movie, “Of Gods and Men” this virtue is shown to us through the constant sacrifices the monks make to help their community.
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This was shown through their countless sacrifices and their willingness to put their lives in danger for their faith and for the people of the village. Brother Christian for his suffering and care for others really stuck out to me which is why I chose to journey with him and he really embodied what it meant to be configured to Jesus. Throughout the bible it says we are called to help others and serve in our community and this film conveyed that message with the monks constant service to their community even when they were constantly being harassed by Ali Fayattia and his terrorist group. This is how I believe the film, “Of Gods and Men” showed our virtue of helping people in our community especially ones who are less fortunate than us even if this means
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