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How many times a week do you, a college student, call home? Since I live down the road with my parents I talk to my family everyday. Going to college has improved my relationships with my family. In the last seven months that I have attended Texas State University I have become more dependent on my family. From my parents helping me financially, my sister lending me a hand with revising my papers, or my family motivating me everyday towards success. These various factors have made our relationships much stronger than they were before and in a short period of time. Many students start to distance themselves from their family after high school but for me it has been the complete opposite. Whilst it is true that while attending college one changes, whether it be ones perspectives or their beliefs and values, but family is the one thing that persist.
Students attending Texas State live either on campus or commute from their apartments with their roommates, it is very rare to hear that a student lives at home. I am one of the few students who still live at home. After graduating last year from San Marcos High School I decided to stay in San Marcos and go to Texas State because it was the closest. In high school my parents and I never saw eye to eye and never got along. Due to the fact I never wanted to follow their rules and, in some instances, I went completely against what they told me, just to be rebellious. Which led to my parents always being upset and never trusting me. In

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