My Family And Family Relationship

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Whenever I go to talk to my sister, or sit in her room, we create a bit of a scene. The situation often plays out a little like so: “Mama! Arya’s irritating me!”, my sister Meher exclaims. I never do anything that should trouble her, I just walk into her room, and I bring my computer and start working. To her, it almost seems as if my presence disturbs the peace. “I’m not doing anything! I am just sitting in her room, silently reading. I can’t be disturbing her.” All I wanted to do was to sit in her room and be with her, but That wasn’t allowed.

Family relationships are always changing. When people mature and develop, it becomes difficult to maintain the same thorough relationship that was held before. As kids increase in independence, their views change from that of their parents, and arguments spark from nothing. This, coupled with the increasing arrogance and conceit of teenagers, creates a massive gap in between all members of a family. In addition, job changes coupled with education requirements can increase the physical distance between members of a family.

Although this didn’t hit my family as much as it could have, I still feel like I haven’t had the best circumstances for having a fantastic childhood. My sister and I have always been quite close, which has allowed us to compensate for these circumstances.

I didn’t look up to Meher as much as I have always wanted to, but this was because we are alike one another. We have always had very similar skills and

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