My Family And Sibling Relationships

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March 8, 2017 was the day my family got the call. My mom called my 3 brothers and I down to the living room and explained to us that my oldest brother had been in a car accident. Zach, who moved to Michigan just a couple months before now, just started life on his own. Having been in two very different stages of life, him 22 and I, 16, we didn’t talk frequently and we found ourselves on the outside of each others lives. Age difference between siblings affects the relationship in a negative way. Some may argue that gender is another factor that has little to no effect on sibling relationships. However, a study performed on siblings by Milevsky in 2011, shows that in terms of gender, females were perceived to be more involved in intimate sibling relationships than males, and the relationship between sisters was described as the most intensive bond among sibling relations. Another similar study by Buhrmester in 2013, reported that siblings of the same gender were closer to their siblings than siblings of the opposite gender. According to Buhrmester, siblings of the same gender were more open toward and supportive of eachother and were much more influenced by eachother. The older sibling is often looked up to as a role model, but is difficult in terms of intrests with opposite genders. Sibling bonding is difficult when it comes to gender because of the many differences in their activitys, hobbys, etc. Sibling bonding is important in adolencents because of providing support,
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