My Family Autobiography

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I come from a loving family and belong to the vast North Indian Punjabi community. As a group, we are gregarious and hardworking people, who thrive in challenges and love adventure. My family belongs to the burgeoning Indian middle class. My parents, both postgraduates, are professionals and have been working for as long as I could remember. My father is a qualified Chartered Accountant (CPA) and my mother is a banker. My grandparents crossed the Radcliffe line, came to independent India in 1947 and re-established themselves from scratch. Both my granfathers were leaders in their own fields. Neither of them indulged in self-pity at the loss of property, wealth and most importantly their land and their lives they left behind. They looked ahead, started afresh, instilled the values of diligence, tenacity and high moral values in their children. Importantly, they educated their children in the best schools, as they valued the quest of knowledge above everything else. My grandmothers were the pillars that held their families together. Together with my grandfathers, they sacrificed for their children and suffered in silence, in challenging times. I grew up listening to stories of valor, honesty and love from my…show more content…
Shortly after our move, Dada, decided to move in with us, so that my parents could continue working. I was overwhelmed that he and Dadi would live apart, for us, their grandchildren. My parents did protest saying that they would take care of us, his granddaughters; but he would not take ‘no’ for an answer. Eventually, they were relieved that Dada would be with us and Dadi would visit us often, while she continued staying with my father’s younger younger brother. Dada went out with my father on our first weekend and brought home a dinner table – just the one back
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