Narrative Essay About My Heartbreaking Experience

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Having four other siblings, my family has always been close as we always find time to spend together and go out once in a while. I am the youngest of five children, having two older brothers and two older sisters. We have kept our family traditions, which include going to mass every Sunday and eating out afterwards, always waiting for each other during dinnertime, watching movies together every once in a while, and always finding time to share about our individual experiences to each other.

During the summer of last year, my family encountered a very heartbreaking experience as one of my sisters had to go to the US for her internship. My younger sister, Camille, was chosen to work at St. Regis in Aspen, Colorado and it was the first time that a member of the family will be away for a whole year. In hopes of accompanying her, our parents booked a flight to the US, even though my sister has not yet received her working visa. Due to the constant delays, we went ahead of her to the US hoping that we would still meet her there. However, this did not happen. My sister’s visa kept on being delayed until the date for the start of her internship was nearly approaching. We were not
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I became part of a group of friends within my block, most of which are women, and they became the sister figures in my life up to this day. With them, I felt comfortable sharing my experiences and in return, I became someone that they can talk to about anything, usually asking for a “guy perspective” on the things that they experience. Only ten months have passed and it felt like I have known them for a very long time because I knew that they understood me. They knew how I think, how I react, and how I feel, most of the time. While my sisters were gone, I found the same relationship with them. They helped me move past the sadness that I felt for missing my

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