My Family Farm: A Short Story

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When anyone asks me about childhood memories or stories that I recall there is one that I can’t seem to forget and the first one to pop into my mind. This story takes place on the family farm where it’s me versus the chicken. When I was a child of six years old my family and I lived on a big farm where we grew our own fruits and vegetables, took care of different livestock, and raised and bred Pomeranian dogs as well as homing many stray dogs. Everyone in the family had certain chores to do throughout the day, which my chores consisted of making the beds, skimming the cream off the milk, and helping my mother in the kitchen. Consequently, I had a very naïve way of thinking considering I lived on a farm however, that was about to change. The year was 1977, and it was a beautiful summer day where the breeze was cool, and the sun was shining and felt warm on my face. On this particular day my mother was going to make fried chicken for dinner, so I needed to go to the garden and dig for potatoes as well as pick and shuck corn. I always loved to dig for the potatoes since it kind of felt like digging for hidden treasure and I remember being filled with so much excitement when I would uncover one. After I had finished picking and cleaning the vegetables for the evening meal my mother informed me that I had to go with her to get the chicken. I thought I was just going to help pick one out, but little did I know I was to do much more than that. We walked down to the
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