My Family Heritage

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Instilling a sense of pride in your identity is valuable for people reflect from their history to know where they are going and based on their heritage of where they have been. It is interesting that the generations of family members have passed down the importance of traditions, holiday’s and family values that each have contributed to my sense of identity. Persons who have had the greatest impact on my life are my Mother and Father. In many ways having strong role models directly in my life gave me the courage to make difficult decisions. Having formed an opinion of what goals to achieve provided direction and an ethical base to live my life by. My Father has influenced me in what it means to look outside and consider the values that are communicated in my teachings, charitable actions, devotion to family, as a pillar in the community, and leadership. Size of family, my sister and I an only son, were born in California, and raised in Florida, further in my twenties is when our family moved to Missouri and I joined the Army. My father had returned from Vietnam and started working in California and met my Mother. My Father is 15 years older than my mother, this makes him more aware, mature, and distinguished. The age difference between my sister and I allowed me lots of attention during my early childhood. Key contributions to my life having a stable home and both parents made me ambitious and aware of my potential in my given surroundings.
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