Personal Narrative: My Family Cabin

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In my life the places I have been carry the most memories with them. One place that I have my earliest memories is my family cabin. On the north shore of Lake Audubon, sits a grey modular home with a large garage and two well used sheds, tying the whole place together is a falling apart red well. This is the place that I call home for most of my summers, spending more time here then I do anywhere else. I have many memories in each room is this cabin some good and some bad. I have never truly stopped to look at each place and remember everything that has happened here. I do not think that I will ever forget the memories that come with this cabin. Stopping and looking around my family cabin, allows me to recall all the memories that I have created…show more content…
First, I look through the kitchen the flooring is white linoleum with a hit of green and blue in it. To the right of me is a table with white legs and the same golden brown color that matches the cupboards in the hallway and all the cupboards in the kitchen along with the chairs that sit around it. Looking at the table, I remember all the meals that were eaten there and the many times my mom, dad, and uncle taught me how to play pinochle. In front of me is the island, were I helped my parents cook a lot of meals and were my dad and I learned that box Mac and Cheese does have an expiration date. All of the appliances in the kitchen are white as snow. Moving through the room, I take a step into the living room. The almond white carpet feels like a bunnies fur compared to the hard linoleum I was just on. The walls are filled with pictures of the old family cabin which I only know through them. I hear the air fresher on the wall spray and then I smell the fresh morning dew. I see the tv to my right and think we only watch it on stormy nights. I see the mosaic couch with it multiple colors accompanied by a maroon sectional and remember all the nights I slept on them. Finally I see the fan lights that are like a search light five little beams of light pointing to the floor. Having more memories then I can write in these two areas I make my way to my

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