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In this section the materials which are use to investigate will be described. The first material is an American movie My Family, Mi Familia from 1995. The languages of the film are English and Spanish. The movie tells the story of Sanchez's family during 70 years. They are Mexican - Americans living in Los Angeles, California in the USA. Their language change through times, the father speaks Spanish and then learn English. Their children speak both English and Spanish in different frequency. However, English is their native language. Sometimes, they speak mostly English sometimes mostly Spanish. The dialect which they use is Chicano English. Chicano English has been created through ages among bilingual Chicanos which are Mexican-Americans in…show more content…
She is fourteen-year-old, Mexican-American and she is preparing to the huge ceremony to celebrate her fifteenth birthday. Quinceañera is a traditional ceremony of girl's fifteenth birthday. It is celebrate in Latin America and in Latino communities in the United States. This birthday is more important than others because for young girl this is a moment of the transition from childhood to young womanhood. Families spend a lot of money to prepare ostentatious party and buy glamorous dress for daughter. Sometimes family save money for quinceañera from the very first day of daughter. Magdalena's family have traditional value system from Mexico. As many bilingual Mexican-Americans characters from the movie often switch from English to Spanish. Woman Hollering Creek by Sandra Cisneros is a short story about Cleófilas. She is Mexican and lives in Seguín, Texas with her husband Juan Pedro Martínez Sánchez. She loves watching telenovelas and she believes that her marriage will be the same as in the TV. However, her husband is unfaithful and often leaves her alone. She has depression and identify herself with La Llorona, a ghost of a woman from Mexican folklore legend. However, she meets two independent Mexican-American woman Felice and Graciela. They help her to go back to

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