The Sanchez Family

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The Sanchez family is a Mexican family whose father leaves his homeland in search of the American dream. The family members include, Mrs. Sanchez, two daughters and four sons. The movie directed by Gregory Nava, is dramatic and comical, yet it tell a good story of the struggles, determination, and happiness of a Mexican family.
Mr. Sanchez, the father leaves his homeland on foot estimating it will take him no more than two weeks to get to his uncle's house in Los Angeles, but to his surprise it wounds up taking an entire year. The family's oldest son Paco an aspiring writer, narrates the story of "My Family."
The director leaves it to the audience to determine the details of the push and pull factors;
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Sanchez now a Gardner, meets his wife to be Maria, a domestic care taker; soon after marries; starts a family, then while she's pregnant with two of her children during the depression period, the United States government rounds up Mexican families regardless to whether they were citizens or not including Mrs. Sanchez and her two children. However, Mrs. Sanchez a legal citizen refused to be stopped from returning to the United States and eventually, makes her way back to her family.
The Great Depression period was a very hostile moment towards immigrants in American history, a time when jobs were scarce and the economy was weak. Trickledown economics and a work shortage is what I believed triggered the hostile xenophobic response.
Fast forward to the 1950s, the oldest daughter marries, Toni the youngest daughter becomes a nun, Memo the favorite son becomes a successful attorney, however, he experiences an embarrassing moment when his Caucasian companion brings her parents to his parent's house; obviously, Memo had no trouble assimilating with American culture, nor does he have a problem with the idea of intermarrying with Caucasians. However, I did discern that he has a problem with his heritage in the presence of
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