My Family Moving Research Paper

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On my father’s birthday, December 3rd 1997, I was born in Colorado Springs. I did not get to live there long though. The military had my family moving overseas. This would become quite common for my family. Moving every two years or so has been hard on me. Although it has been tough, moving so much has brought me abundance of experience. I have never been one to socialize but every place I have lived, I had good friends. When I was not in the classroom I was hanging out playing with my friends spending lots of time with them. Those friends have helped make who I am today. From hobbies and interest to the way I act. Some of these influences have been negative but most are positive. The people I would consider close friends are dwindling down…show more content…
Stuck on the thoughts of life and moving so much had me in a dark hole. So much kept weighing me down and piling on. It was great that my parents had two kids when I was already in high school but that was hard on me. To add on, I lived in a city where there is nothing to do and had no friends. So my mindset was driving me down the hole. During this time I would go talk to someone to possibly help. It did not do much good because I did not talk about everything and I am a very independent person. I stopped going after my family moved back to Wichita. Then it kept getting worse, involving a girlfriend I had for a couple years. There is too much to say and described what went on and everything that happened but it took me to the bottom of the hole. While I was in the hole I was very lost and had no way to bring myself up. Through time and hardship a few things started to mend myself back together. One day over the summer I was in my thoughts about my life. On how and why I need to change. It was a realization that dawned on, I took the positive approach for once. I describe this dark time because I feel like a new person that I am proud of. Of course I still have flaws and blemishes of my past self but I will only become
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