My Family: My Definition Of The Family

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Since my parents split during elementary school, I have been obligated to redefine the family. It opened up doors and questions about who is or isn’t family, does blood even matter. Society and most of the social media lets us know what is normal and what is Ok, in my childhood, there was room for more diversity and acceptance. Over time, it changed my definition of the family thousands of times to include or exclude people, thanks to my mother and father. This gives the impression that the characteristics of a family are not only one factor, it's complicated, and that you can choose your family in a way. A family isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, for me its most of the time, but it's also like storms, tornadoes and other dreadful weather.…show more content…
I unwisely had I known considered them like any family member, they came and went. Even though they were nice they wouldn't last so I stopped growing attached so much I went with the flow and receive fun and mostly focused on school and after-school activities. By now my siblings and I lived with my mother until high school where I and my sister moved in with my father and his wife. My father's wife, however, became a considerable part me and my sibling's life, especially, my mother, they weren't enemy's they were kind of friends who exchanged advice on how to deal with my father or how to handle me and my siblings by now, I have four other siblings from my mother and my stepmother has a son with my father. Without a doubt, she helped out a great deal, especially at my Quinceañera. The following text from “What We Miss from the 1950s” explained why I liked watching Disney and the other TV shows, “People did not watch those shows to see their own lives reflected back at them. They watched them see how families were supposed to live—and also to get a little reassurance that they were headed in the right direction”(Pg.31). It had come to my attention when I became older that my family was different, my mother and father who separated, parents who did not actually fight after divorced parents do, we enjoyed holidays together still, and with my stepmother now a part of the family who is still with us to this day. At some point in my life, it has come to pass where someone says that my family isn’t one of the normal ones that I have brought up by my parents to think it's natural, not that could because our representative of a family is different and that's OK I like to think if my family like a new or modern type of

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