Personal Narrative Essay About My Family

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I have what society would call a normal family, I have parents who love me to death and who support me in everything I do, an older brother I grew up with until the age of six or seven. I also have two pair of grandparents who spoil me mainly my Pawpaw. There are many aunts, uncles, and cousins who always ask how I am doing or how is school going. I could go on and on about my family and the troubles we have faced together, but with such a big family and so little time to talk about them I want to target one specific family member, my younger cousin Jannie. Anyone who has siblings understands that growing up there will be arguments and fights. After my brother left to go live with his mom I did not get that sibling rivalry, well until my…show more content…
The weekend before I had to leave for college my mom had a going away party for me at our new house, my close friend from high school came, an older cousin, a few younger cousins, my best friend and one of his guy friends came as well. After the party I went to visit my mawmaw and Jannie, since they were not able to come to the party. Once I get there and she see’s me she automatically gives me a tight and loving hug then whispers, “I love you” I was so shocked that I started crying because the last time she said this to me we were around the age of eight or nine.
Driving home I think about all the things we have been through together, learning how to ride bikes, first day of school, we also have been through a few hardships like our pawpaw’s funeral. To me I do not think of Jannie as just any family member she is my cousin, sister, at times my enemy, and most importantly my best friend. I then think of what part I play in my family I am a daughter, sister, grand-daughter, niece, cousin, but I can also be a best friend and at times an enemy. That is just how family works we fight, make up, and love each other no matter

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