My Family: My Mother Is My Hero

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When I get asked who my hero is or who I admire, I usually go straight to thinking about power and strength, but being a hero is much more than that. To be a hero you have to have strength in your heart. In my house, family is something that has had a significant meaning my whole life. My father works everyday and travels all over South America as his job. This makes it really hard on me to keep a day to day relationship with him. My mother, however has always been there. What makes her remarkable is not her doing her job as a mother, but the lectures I learn from her everyday. My family and I used to live in Caracas, Venezuela and now we live in Miami, which has made us come closer together since each other is all we had in the beginning. My mother, Maria Mercedes, is a person in my life I consider my hero and without her I would not recognize myself.
Having a person you can confide your fears to when you want to let it all out is something l have always had. My family has been close to me and lived with me, but since we moved here from Caracas, Venezuela I feel more in the vicinity of to my mother than ever before. She is there for me and I feel I can rely on her, but what has impacted my life the most is all the lessons and tough love she has given me. Just by telling me something that may sound harsh I learned from what she says. A little voice in my head pops up every time I am going to do something I will later regret. That voice is my mother reminding me what is right
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