My Family: Myth, Values, And Traditions

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Once a year, my whole family comes together to visit my grandfather’s grave at the cemetery. My aunt tidies up my grandfather’s grave and puts the flowers in the vases attached on the sides of the tombstone. Then, my other aunt lays down a blanket in front of his tomb and puts different kinds of Chinese dishes on top of it. My grandmother lights a handful of incense and begins distributing them to all of my family members including adults and children. Each person prays with the three to four incense sticks in between their hands and then pushes the incense into the dirt so it stands upright. My father gets a metal cylinder shaped container and begins setting fake Chinese money on fire inside of it. All of my aunts and other cousins gather around the flaming container to put in money and other offerings. Every year my grandmother tells me to ask my grandfather to bring me good fortune, good grades, and a healthy life when I pray to him. Since I have never met my grandfather, this tradition is very special to me. It is the only connection I will ever have with my grandfather. There are many different traditions all over the world that are intertwined with rich and insightful cultures. Culture is not only about traditions, it it is a way in which people see and understand the world. Through my Chinese cultural traditions, I have the ability to make a connection to my grandfather though I have never met him. Through values, norms, spiritual beliefs, and stories - humans have

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