My Family Short Story

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My family is a family of four kids and one single parent, two boys two girls. One of my brothers adopted a 18year old about 8 months ago and she has been staying with us, her name is Bella. She lost her parents at a very young age and she was sent to the mother of peace orphanage, and stayed there until she was 18, and there at the home one of the nannies really liked her and would spoil her all the time as compared to the other kids, this is what she said. Now Bella is a good and fun person to be around but the only thing that i, the aunt, always have a problem with her is that she cant do much except eat, sleep and watch tv or surf the internet, and i blame the nanny that used to spoil her. Bella does not help in the house, she wakes up around 12pm goes to the kitchen and gets food to eat, and does not wash the dishes should would have used instead she just leaves them there, she does not help tidy the house or help in cooking. As for someone who is being taken care of you expect them to be grateful and be able to help whenever they can to show appreciation for what is being done for them, especially when everything is being given to them, shelter, food, clothing, new phone, wifi, education etc. So i told her about this, that she should be useful, especially as a woman in my culture, one should be able to work hard especially domestic works. I thought i was helping her by telling her this, but instead she got mad and started crying and go angry at me for telling her
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