My Family: The Most Important Objects Of My Life

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Many people are thankful for tangible objects such as: their home, food, clothes or their smart phone. However, most people don’t realize the most important object of your life, people you can love. If everyone just slows down and “Smells the roses of life” you will notice that objects are not the only thing you can be thankful for. I am extremely grateful for three people that have changed my life in a variety of ways: My 21 year old “Brother” TJ, my mom and my dad. Although i 'm thankful for many people in my life, one of the most impactful people over the past year is my 21 year old “Brother”, TJ. While my parents are very impactful and caring, as they should be, when i 'm with TJ - I dont have the stress of a parent around so I feel more open to talk and just let it out. Also, TJ is a sponge, he remembers everything about anything. So we could sit for hours talking about the most random things and not care about what is going on. Also, he will always listen to you, no matter what you say (As long as it isn’t about him missing a shift or wrecking the past weekend at the racetrack.) I am also very thankful for TJ because he is always there for me, no matter the time, place or convenience. One example of him always being there for me is: over this past summer, I stopped talking to many of my in school friends because I felt insecure and I flat out did not feel comfortable around them, despite this I could always fall back on TJ to have someone to talk to and to be with,

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