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Family is the most important thing in life, to say the least. My dad’s side of family has always been especially close. Cousins might as well have been considered siblings with as much time that they spent together. It was on my first birthday, September 29, 2001, that my father received, what he considers, the worst phone call ever. Three of his cousins and his uncle were involved in a car accident, leaving only one of the four surviving. Ever since that wreck happened sixteen years ago nothing has been the same, and every year on that day my dad is reminded of this. He hardly ever talks about the accident, but it has always been something I have wanted to question him about.
The incident my family has dealt for the past couple of years
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Usually and thankfully it was never anything too bad. After my first birthday party, my dad was down at my grandpa’s house across town when his pager went off. He said there was too much static to understand what it was saying, so he left and went to the fire station. When he arrived, he was informed by a woman named Sarah, that there was a car accident with possible fatalities. He and Sarah got into the truck and as they were driving off my dad said to Sarah, “It always sucks to go to these things because in such a small community you almost always know who it is.” Little to my dad’s knowledge, he was about to experience something that nobody ever wants to in their lifetime. His best friends/cousins were the victims. When he approached the scene, he did not recognize who they were at first, but as soon as he did everything turned into a blur, as he described. The accident happened as they were traveling on a gravel road when they came up over a hill to find a tractor waiting for another vehicle to pass over the one lane bridge. Brayden, being the one behind the wheel, decided to take the ditch inside of colliding with the tractor or other vehicle. Pat, Tim, and Brayden had passed away during the accident. Fortunately Dustin walked away with only a black eye. To this day, nobody understands how that was

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