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My family and I had this bond that is almost too difficult to explain. The love that we had and shared for each other is truly one of the greatest blessings. My uncle being the oldest of the family, it was his job to hold us together. We were held by faith, love and strength. It is absurd to know how quickly everything can change in a matter of seconds. I always thought for some bizarre reason that my family would remain as one that was, until my uncle was called home.
Before my uncle passed away, everything felt perfect and complete. I looked forward to the afternoon every day because I was able to spend time with my grandparents, uncle, and aunt. Having their presence around felt comforting. Being surrounded by smiling faces and warm hearts
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Not only did my uncles death affect me in many ways that I cannot really put into words, seeing my grandpa hurt and cry almost killed me inside. I stopped attending family gatherings because the thought of not having my uncle there was a pain I could not bear. I no longer had the heart and strength to celebrate any holidays or get out of my house. I wanted it all to be a dream because I needed to wake up from this nightmare. Still to this very day I question myself why. I think how things would be if he were here right now. I would become selfish and ask how he could leave not only the family but my grandpa and I. Then I stop myself and think he’s in a better place. My uncle is no longer in pain or suffering, he is surrounded by God’s love and comfort.
It is important to cherish the ones you love because anything can happen in a blink of an eye. My uncle entered the gates of heaven and left my family and I heartbroken. It has been almost 4 years since his passing and the bond that my family once shared changed dramatically. My uncle is watching over us, and I know he is smiling down at me as I write this. He will forever be right beside me in anything and everything I do. I know for a fact on graduation day, as I walk down to receive my diploma he will be cheering me on and cry tears of joy right up in
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