My Family's Slave Book Analysis

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The article “My family 's slave” by Alex Tizon has sparked many debates. Tizon’s was a journalist who 's article was featured in the Atlantic cover. As the story hit the surface many people had both negative and positive reactions to the story. The story of Tizon family enslavement occurs all the way back Tizon’s grandfather. As Lola escapes a arranged marriage she is given Tizon’s mother to care for but little did she know that this was a life sentence debt. As she is promised money to send back to the Philippines to her family, she is abused by the both of the parents and never gets any money sent. As the story continues Tizon realizes the role he plays being her owner. Tizon did as much as he could to help Lola out when he was with her, there was many factors intertwined that is often overlooked. Also, Tizon was the person to tell this story but he needed outside help to make the story complete. Ultimately the way Tizion told the story was self serving and he left out important parts in the story. One of the key factors Tizon left out of his story was and understanding of Filipino culture and history. In the article “Lola 's Resistant Dignity” done in the Atlantic by Vicente Rafael, he explains more in detail in what lens we should have looked at the article. Rafael is someone who has spent more than thirty years studying the colonial and post-colonial history of the Philippines and was also born and raised in the Philippines. Rafael argues that the reason why all of the
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