My Fashion Job Essay: A Career In Fashion

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This job would be great for me because, I love fashion, shopping, giving fashion tips to my friends, and expressing myself. This career is needed in the world because, it gives you more options to style/express yourself and helps you be more confident. Fashion isn 't all easy because of competition,education and things you need but i 'd still like it because I love clothes it helps me show my style, I love clothes in general, it pays good so I could support my family, and more reasons. First off it would be a good job because I LOVE,LOVE fashion. In fashion it isn 't all about glamour and creativity. Its the trends you gotta focus on not to copy but get an idea from it and design it the way you would like it better or change the way it is…show more content…
“Fashion is life and just like life, you must always express your feelings freely” by Adama Amanda Ndiaya.With the more options the more clothes we can choose from to express ourselves through clothes, so we wouldn 't be all wearing uniforms or just the same thing. Another reason we need it in the world is because it helps us be confident because when you get new clothes you just can 't wait to show it off because you love it. With fashion in the world they design dresses, suits,handbags manly anything clothes related but not just one type multiple kinds. Confident is needed in the world because not many have it and with finding your style can just help you find yourself being more confident. With fashion designers they help create what you 're wearing right now. They work with textile,apparel,pattern manufactures and more. Final reason although it might not be easy i 'm willing to work for it. A reason it wouldn 't be easy is because you need to finish high school,get postsecondary training with good background, college degree,need to be artistic and imaginative ,work up to 40 hours a week might have to work aftertime and more. Even though it 's very competitive and stressful

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