My Father As A Role Model

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For the longest time, I have looked up to my father as a role model. My father is everything that I hope to be: a good parent, a good businessman, as well as a leader of a successful life. He plays a big role in the path that I have chosen for my future, and I believe that without his guidance that I would not be on the path that I am today. I owe a lot to him, and I hope that one day I will be able to repay him for all the influence he has had on my life. I want to become a project manager and to eventually become an entrepreneur. I hope to start my own business in construction and to reach a point where I will be able to exceed my own expectations. I hope to support a family one day and all of the challenges as well as the needs that come…show more content…
The community will be my friends and where my kids grow up and their friends. It is important to me that they grow up in a safe and giving environment. I will give back to my community as much as I possibly can to make a difference in the lives around me. I will strive to be coach, as I have said before, it will be a great skill for me to learn how to balance being fun yet being able to motivate my own children to work as a team with others towards a common goal. Of course, the sport is more about fun at a younger age than winning which is something I realized a few summers ago when I coached soccer for younger kids. I value that experience immensely because, it helped me to develop a different way of looking at the world and different perspectives and values of the people around me. It is just a balancing act and I know that it is not all business and there is always room for enjoyment, for the things that I enjoy doing. I would like to create a scholarship for construction management, because I could not find one as I was looking through scholarships for myself. I want to support the youth of the future and help them make a change just as I hope to. I think it is important that young adults, such as myself, go to college and further their education with their hopes and dreams in mind. I desire to be an investor, and the best thing I can think to invest in is the future, and the generations to come are our future so it would be in my best interest to help them make a change just as I plan to
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