My Father Short Story

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In the year of nineteen fourty nine I was to experience the most sad time of my life. I did not even know it at that time but my father seems to have had a stroke in may and was taken to hospital. Then we later learned that he had passed away. I could not believe it. After we got the news we sat around silently. One of our neighbors came to our house. She put us children together in our front room and made us start to cry at the loss of our father. My fathers body was brought into the house. I was being led to the room where the body lay but then I was stopped from entering the room and seeing my father. Someone thought that it would not be good for the young me to look at my father who was dead. The body was then taken out and cremaited. There was there was then a void in my life. I never talked about it. I do remember one day when my mother was bringing in some washes clothing from the outside washing-line. I dont know why I asked her what clothing she was carrying. She told me that it was my fathers clothing and I grasped the clothing close to me and hugged it. I didnt speak of my feelings for the loss of my father but I was missing him tremendously. One day I was with my friends when one of them expressed his sorrow at the passing out of my father. The reminder made me get to tears and leave the group. I missed my loving father. The loss of my father at my early age was the biggest disaster that I have experienced.
My mothers brother Chanan Ram Prashar was the one who
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