My Father Tried To Murder Me With An Alligator Essay

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The story My Father Tried to Murder me with an Alligator, which is about a boy narrating his adventures involving his father and brother. He talks about his father making them do dangerous things as it might help them learn things about life. It also mentions two different trips in a boat: one with his father and one with his daughter. A literary device used in this story would be flashbacks.
Flashbacks are past events that authors used to give the reader a better understanding of the character of the story. They explain the underlying experiences that shape the main character in the present. A flashback used in the story My Father Tried to Murder me with an Alligator, is at the beginning where the author starts with, “In the summer of 1987, …show more content…

He also mentions that he did not educate his daughter like his father did to him since there are different ways of teaching kids. The idea of teaching his daughters differently changes when he takes them on a trip to the river nearby. There he remembers when he was a kid that he acted the same way he did. They would ask questions about the animals thinking they would die if they got too close just like him. He takes charge as his father by telling them it's okay and if anything happens he will be right there. I can tell this from what he writes, “ I want them to know that safety should not be the defining virtue of their lives, while they want me to know that being alive should be the defining virtue of their lives.” Just like his father made them jump in the water even though there were scary creatures you should not let fear take over safety but to help you explore things freely without fear. Furthermore, another sentence that could help prove my point would be, “It might’ve taken all day, and we had so little water and no food, but what an adventure to arm our way through tidewater toward the man’s body, to do a foolish thing in honor of the man who’d taught his children to love

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