My Father's Influence On Writing Career

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Q. Who was more of an influence in your writing career, Mom or Dad?

A. For The Hunger Games Series, my biggest influence was my dad with all of the war knowledge, but for when I was writing for Nickelodeon my mom really influenced the sweet part of life.

2) Q. Oh, so how did your dad have war knowledge?

A. Yes, he was involved with the Vietnam war when I was around eight years old.


Q. Oh wow, that must have been tough, would your dad help you out at all when you were writing or explain parts of war to help you write The Hunger Games?

A. Yes, he did actually. He helped explain certain war strategies and tell me all about the hard parts of war and what it felt like having to kill someone. (Dominus)


Q. Working for Nickelodeon and writing children 's shows that must having been a pretty happy, bright life. How did you transition from writing those G rated shows to writing The Hunger Games, such a violent book!?
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Sure, working for Nickelodeon was great, but it was nothing like real life, everything had a happily ever after and in real life it 's not always like that, The Hunger Games really represented real life in a fairytale way, real life is not all lollipops and bubbles all the time, real life is war and unfairness. I didn 't want to give children a fake hope of a perfect life with no troubles.


Q. But why the death and the violence?

A. Life is not a fairytale, there are going to be deaths and people need to be prepared for that. (Dominus)


Q. So, digging a little bit deeper into The Hunger Games, why did you choose for Rue to die?

A. Rue was like a little spark for Katniss, she got her going and made her smile for the first time in the Arena. When Rue died, a revolution started. Rue was one of Katniss 's allies, when she died Katniss would make sure to avenge her. (The Hunger
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