My Father's Migration To America

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In the year 1990, my father and his family emigrated from Vietnam to the United States of America with the intention of seeking opportunities for a better life, as well as escaping the Vietnam War. The migration was a long, strenuous situation for him; he came to America without money and knowing how to speak English. Thus, he tried his best to learn English and find ways to earn money to have food. The reason for his success in America was his attitude towards the situation; my father’s objective was to become prosperous by studying and working hard. Furthermore, his determination to achieve the goal was very high. While studying at De Anza College to become a pharmacist, he worked numerous part-time jobs, such as being a cook at a pizzeria…show more content…
His family started out very affluent, but once the communists invaded South Vietnam, everything was taken from them. Furthermore, my father went to school with ripped-up clothing and no food to eat. At one point, the shortage of food was so crucial that my dad had to eat horse food along with uncooked rice grains. As a child, he tried to learn as many subjects as he can, such as soccer, martial arts, guitar, and piano. In comparison, Anne Frank was forced to go into hiding and barely had any food to eat-while my father was lucky to be able to go outdoors and school. Thus, both of them had a meager amount of food to eat and were affected by a war; my father and Anne left their country due to the war that was happening. Anne left Germany to Netherlands in order to elude from Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, which made the lives of Jewish people harsher. Anne was able to overcome the situation she was in due to her ecstatic attitude; being locked in a basement for two years, she was able to survive and be jubilant day by day. Hence, Anne was able to withstand the situation until she was unluckily taken to a concentration camp. On the contrary, my father left South Vietnam to avert the Vietnam War and discover new opportunities in
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