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“You simply melt right in” People from all over the world come to the United States, some would say that America is a great big melting pot. The best ways for an immigrant to adjust to life in the United States are learning to speak English, finding a house to live in, and socializing with other immigrants.
Learning To speak English can be hard but it is a good way to help adjust to their new life, some ways you can do this is by being tortured, going to school, and through family members. Immigrants are offered to be tutored English. In the documentary, “New Immigrants Share Their Stories” at Newcomers High School the immigrant students are taught to speak English. Another way to learn English is by going to school, some schools such Newcomers High School offer English classes. They can also learn English from other family members who may have lived in the United States longer than them or their children who go to school and learn English they can teach their parents or grandparents at home. In the story, “My
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When they are looking for a house they need to think about all the members of their family, will there be enough for all of them. In the story, “ The Latehomecomer” it says, “we need a new home- the apartment is too small” . Another thing they need to look at is the way the house is built, they need to make sure the house is not falling apart, make sure it will last long enough. In “The Latehomecomer” It says “ it was a poor neighborhood with houses that were ready to collapse” Also they need to think if it will be a good home for themselves and their family, will they be able to call this house home. In the story, “The Latehomecomer” it says “ Together we had scoured the city looking for a suitable
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