My Favorite Animal

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I think that my most favorite animal in the whole world is the dog. The common dog. But I thought it would be more interesting to research about the original dogs, the origin of them, when they lived freely, without the human interference, that is why I am starting with the wolf. The pack of wolfs function as a family. The parents are the alpha couple and they are the only ones that procreates, and the pack is constituted by their sons. The alphas are not always the biggest wolfs, but they are respected by all of the packs components. The number of constituents of the pack can very from two until any number of individuals, but most of the time there are four to seven members. The packs are formed because there are strenght in numbers and it is easier to hunt larger pray and to take care of the puppies when there are more wolves doing this. the alpha male usually controls the males in the pack and the alpha female controls the females but the alphas can control the subordinates of any gender. When it is time to breed the alpha male chooses the strongest female to mate, and it is the same one year after year. The alphas are the first ones to eat. The betas are the ones most likely to replace the alphas of the same gender. Subordinates are the other members that are not alphas or betas or omegas. The omega is the lowest in the hierarchy, he is the last to eat and he submits at the least act of aggression by any other wolf. It is impressive but this little creature is
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