Personal Narrative: My Favorite Babysitter

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The bell finally rang at my little elementary school. I left my home room, and walked down the white hallway. There were a set of steps On each side of the school but we weren’t supposed to use the left side but we always dead anyways. The right side was always crowded with third-graders who were always loud and obnoxious so we just got yelled at by a second grade teacher every day. Usually I would be excited at this point in the day but I wasn’t today. My favorite babysitter I have ever had, Mia, had just moved the day before. She was my best friend. I had cried a lot the night before. My nose is still really stuffy and my eyes were all puffy. My mom just told me the night before that the nutso neighbor was going to babysit me.…show more content…
I was so lost in thought that I could hardly pay attention to the second grade teachers screaming“ stop coming down these steps!”as we all ran out the door. I got outside and it was the usual set up Ryan’s mom at the bottom of the left side of the steps with Brielle’s mom right beside. It was all the same except we are for where Mia was supposed to be she wasn’t. I thought. I was about to break down and just cry. But I didn’t. I was busy plotting on how to get away. Maybe go to my friends house and say “my babysitter wasn’t there“? Or just walk right past her and I can like I didn’t see Her? No. I didn’t want my mom to be mad at me. After all she knew me too well. She knew I didn’t want to stay with the nutso neighbor for four hours. So I decided to walk beside her. I walked down the steps holding the red rolling and I jump down skipped the last stuff and walked across the grass to Sadie and her mom. I told her that she’s my best friend and that if I die the new babysitter killed me. Of course she told me that wasn’t going to happen it would be ok. But she had never met Laura. I walk some more through the grass past where Mia should have been standing and I just said
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