Why Is Santa Claus So Important To Me Essay

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1. One of the best books that my parents read to me was about Santa Claus. I remember clearly about the story since the story was about a Grumpy Santa Claus getting ready to give the gifts to the children. I enjoyed the book a lot because it was Christmas season and the way my father did impressions of Santa that was really bad and made me laugh a lot. I still remember the way the story goes and how funny Santa is because he is grumpy, hates the cold, and a real klutz, which made the book really funny and interesting to me. 2. In middle school for school I read Where The Red Fern Grows, Slakes Limbo, Lord Of The Flies, Boy With The Striped Pajamas, and Out Siders. Out of school I read Ruby Redford, Ingo, The Lake Of Dreams, and Body Guard.…show more content…
It is some times easy for me too select books for my self but some times I cant find a book that is a good book for me. I have specific types of books I want to read in different times I cant find a type of book I want to read and I don’t know what to read. I go about selecting a book by asking a librarian is there any new good books, and as I said before I go to the Internet to see if there is any interesting books. Some times I look at Sakura medals since they always have good books, or I used to look at High School section since they have different, interesting, and difficult books. 11. I remember saying that I read at school to my parents which was a lie, when I was in 6th grade and 5th grade but not in 7th or 8th. I don’t do that anymore since I know I needed help in my vocabulary skills and grammar skills so I started reading seriously. I found out some of the books are boring but some were enjoyable. 12. I think people read to enjoy the story, and to increase their vocabulary and grammar skills. Another reason is that people read books as another type of entertainment, it is not “visual entertainment” which it improves your concentration and memory too. Some people read to reduce stress I think since it takes the person into a different place or

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