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My New Favorite Character Janie is a strong woman. It took her guts to get through leaving her first husband for a stranger, and then somewhat changing her life. However, it was unnecessary for her to leave Logan Killicks the way she did. There could have been a less harsh way, instead of “I am leaving you for a man I barely met.” Eventually Joe had the same opportunity to put a ring on her finger. Then once again, she was treated like a “dog”. She soon fell for the same old tricks again, but with a youngster this time. Honestly, her getting married three times wasn’t necessary. Especially since they all treated her the same. Tea Cake may have charmed her, but she was just caught up in a mid-life crisis of finding herself through men, including youngsters. However, later on in the story she grows older and becomes a strong independent woman even while being married to Tea Cake. She learned to do…show more content…
He foolishly stole Janie’s $200 and didn’t even invite her to the party, but he also learned not to do that again. He had fun with Janie and he was always a mystery and adventure. He hit her for his pride, just as the other husbands did, but she was okay with it because he was younger and she was older. Also, Tea Cake has given her the opportunity to find her self through their journey together. She took the hit for his pride because she knew that men in that time period did that as if it were a tradition. Janie was still strong even after he hit her for his pride. She stayed strong because she did it for him and he did it for them. He treats her more equally than the other man did. He saw her as a peer and not as a traditional housewife. He treated her more fair than the other men, so I would say yes he different from the past two

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